Friday, February 22, 2008

Two Worlds

This story is about a girl named Gabriela de Ferrari that writes about how their mother, her neighbor Señorita Laura, and her maid Saturnina look at the world. I understood about this story that Gabriela believes in curses and miracles, and her neighbor Señorita Laura told her many stories about them. Her stories are generally about ghost and souls. The Gabriela’s mother and Señorita Laura talked to each other constantly, but the way they look at the world is different, the Gabriela’s mother is more interested in having Gabriela worry about the school, and the Señorita Laura think about the fortune and miracles. Gabriela enjoys the stories of the Señorita Laura and after school she goes to her house to hear the stories. Also Gabriela has a maid named Saturnina who stays with her at night until she fells asleep because Gabriela can’t sleep for the Señorita Laura’s stories, and Saturnina believes in the fortune, miracles too.

Señorita Laura read her the fortune too, she use the wax of a candle into a big container of icy water when the water formed different shapes, Señorita Laura read them and tell her the fortune for the next week.

She said that Señorita Laura and the other maids use roots and herbs to perform any king of miracles, but I think they use them to charm someone.

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