Monday, February 18, 2008


Many people use the Internet every day, for example in the United States about 84 million people have access at home. The increase comes because the computers and the internet services are cheaper these days. And more people are putting their photos, thoughts and video online due to the internet gives them these facilities. Sometimes we think that the internet is a way to transmit information to people, they get information about their interests. You can find whatever you want for example pictures, videos, songs, movies, comics, magazines, news, etc.

I think the internet is useful to do your homework because is easier and faster. But sometimes you must avoid web pages about pornography or chat sites, these pages only disturb your mind. The chat in my opinion is interesting when there are people who know English and help you to improve it , but sometimes there are people very rude and you can’t stand their conversations due to they use forbid vocabulary and that irritates you.

Some people spend too much time on the internet and not enough time reading a book, the internet affects their lives, and they become Internet addicts. It’s bad to them because they don’t do their activities as before, the internet has changed them.

The internet now is the most important thing in our life; it specially helps me in my study as a student, definitely we are benefited by it. Please make sure to use it correctly!!!!!

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