Thursday, February 7, 2008

My hobbies

I have several hobbies for example: I like reading romantic novels because when you are reading you can imagine the characters and the plot of the story. It is interesting because some novels have many words of others languages Italian, English, Greek, Danish, etc.

Other hobby is to chat on the internet, I think is good due to you can make new friends and know about their culture and customs. I have many friends on the chat they always tell me new things that I have never heard and sometimes they send me their photos.

I like to watch TV too. I try to moderate but when there are many TV programs that I’m interested. I don’t respect this rule, although my mother scolds me.

I would like to travel to others countries when a friend of the chat tells me about his country I feel exciting. I don’t mind spending many time reading or watching TV but the most important duty that I’ve never forgotten is studying.

Listening to music is another hobby that everybody has; don’t you feel good when you listen to music after an exam? In my case, yes. You feel relaxing when you were stressed.

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jazzman58 said...

Your last entry is from February 7! and you haven't written anything since then!
I see your English is good and it's improving but you still need to write more. You're supposed to be writing at least twice every week and you're not doing that. Watch out, because at the end you might need to attend the SAC for 15 hours, is that what you want?