Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Reading

Well, I think the reading is a good way to learn many things for example improve your English, because when you read learn many expressions, idioms, vocabulary and you can improve your reading skills.

In Mexico not many people like to read than others countries for example United States where the parents encourage their children to read but Mexico is a country where there isn’t the culture of the reading.

In my opinion the reading is important on our lives some of us read for pleasure, other ones read for develop their abilities and the reading can improve your imagination, when you read for example a novel you image what the characters are doing , image the conflict and the final of the story.

Try to look for book that you are interested, if you aren’t motivated you won’t finish it because you have lost interest in that book. Remember you want to convince yourself that reading in English can be fun.

The reading can be used to improve your pronunciation and speed in English, if you read aloud every night in a few days you’ll see the difference when read something in English.

For that reason I’m going to start reading right now!!!!!!!

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jazzman58 said...

I like the way you try to keep up with your work, your efforts will eventually help you. However, you need to be careful with your grammar errors and misspelled words so you can make your blog look better. OK?