Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Exam`s day.

Today was a stressful day because we had the English`s exam. For me the exam was ok but for others it was difficult. I saw some of my classmates studying at that moment, because the teacher cabrales gave us 10 minutes to review the book. in the exam I was concentrated and doing the exercises carefully. The teacher cabrales told us that we didn't want for our teacher, but I think he is a good teacher but he needs to do the class interesting because a good teacher tries to make that his students participate in class , searching methods to realize it.
AND THIS DAY all faculty was empty because today was holyday. we always are the " ñoños" of the all careers. we always go to the school in holidays due to the teachers say us that they are going to go that day although it is holiday.
now Iam writing in the blog , trying to do the blog the twice that the teacher wants, although this isn`t a habit for me because I`m not good at writing my life style but I'm trying to practice my English.

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