Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lucky hats and other fishing superstitions

Are myths and superstitions about fishing true? In this article says yes, I think that every fisherman is superstitious about something. For example the banana superstition, it is said that there are some critters lurked inside the banana and the anglers believe in this.

Another is about the lucky hats, if you had a lucky hat for a long time, it bring you good luck when you are going fishing. You’ll catch a lot of fish if you wear that hat.
The article says too, rabbits crossing your path were bad luck but I‘ve heard that the rabbits will bring you good luck, I don’t understand this superstition, it is very confused for me.

Other one is that its good luck to spit on your bait I think is disgusting to spit in your bait to catch fish but where did these superstitions leave? According to the article is merit to spit on the bait. You can use a spray-on fish attractant; it helps you to disguise a smell that the fish can’t resist.
The author mentions that he has a friend who is convinced that he won’t catch any fish unless he first spills a soft drink in his boat. It’s a waste to spill drinks.

The cameras are bad luck for them too, because if you take a camera aboard, you'll never catch a fish. They prefer to take pictures when they have captured a trophy fish.

What do you think about them?

Are these superstitions true for you?

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