Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lucky hats and other fishing superstitions

Are myths and superstitions about fishing true? In this article says yes, I think that every fisherman is superstitious about something. For example the banana superstition, it is said that there are some critters lurked inside the banana and the anglers believe in this.

Another is about the lucky hats, if you had a lucky hat for a long time, it bring you good luck when you are going fishing. You’ll catch a lot of fish if you wear that hat.
The article says too, rabbits crossing your path were bad luck but I‘ve heard that the rabbits will bring you good luck, I don’t understand this superstition, it is very confused for me.

Other one is that its good luck to spit on your bait I think is disgusting to spit in your bait to catch fish but where did these superstitions leave? According to the article is merit to spit on the bait. You can use a spray-on fish attractant; it helps you to disguise a smell that the fish can’t resist.
The author mentions that he has a friend who is convinced that he won’t catch any fish unless he first spills a soft drink in his boat. It’s a waste to spill drinks.

The cameras are bad luck for them too, because if you take a camera aboard, you'll never catch a fish. They prefer to take pictures when they have captured a trophy fish.

What do you think about them?

Are these superstitions true for you?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last month , I met a special person, finally I saw my half sister Laura, I haven’t seen her because my father had her when I hadn’t been born yet. I was a little nervous because I have never seen her, but she knew me for pictures that my father gave her many pictures of my brother and me.

Fist, my father, my brother and I went to Matamoros because she lives and works there, we went to her house, I was impressed with her beautiful and big house, she received us well, she introduced herself, and then her family to us.

She has a kind husband named Robert and two nice children named Rose and Robert, I liked them due to I love the kids while my father was talking to her husband, my brother and me were seeing some pictures of them. After my half sister and me had a conversation about my life , my goals, likes , dislikes and asked me what I am studying. I was tense, talking with her because for me she’s a strange person, at the beginning my mother didn’t want that I met her but I insisted.

I spent a lot of time with them, I admitted that Laura and her family are nice but I need time to assimilate our relationship as sisters because this is new for me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars`s Night

Yesterday February 24 was the delivery of the Oscars in Los Angeles, California. It was an amazing and exciting night because you are waiting the possible winners of the categories. The nominations were very fought, due to there were very good actors in them. For example in the category of Actor in a Leading Role were nominees: George Clooney for Michael Clayton , Daniel Day-Lewis for There Will Be Blood, Johnny Depp for Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and the winner was Daniel Day-Lewis. I wanted that George Clooney won the Oscar.

The category of Actress in a Leading Role were nominees: Cate Blanchet Elizabeth for The Golden Age, The French Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose, Ellen Page for Juno. And the winner was the French Marion Cotillard. In my opinion I didn’t like that actress I wanted that Ellen page won the Oscar too, but it was bad luck.
In the category of best movie were nominees: Juno, there will be blood, Michael Clayton and no country for old men, and the winner was no country for old man where the Spaniard Javier Bardem won an Oscar, being the first Spaniard who wins an Oscar.
My favorite movie was Juno because the topic of this movies is about a pregnant teenage who decides to give her baby for adoption. It’s an actual theme in our society for that reason I wanted that movie.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Two Worlds

This story is about a girl named Gabriela de Ferrari that writes about how their mother, her neighbor Señorita Laura, and her maid Saturnina look at the world. I understood about this story that Gabriela believes in curses and miracles, and her neighbor Señorita Laura told her many stories about them. Her stories are generally about ghost and souls. The Gabriela’s mother and Señorita Laura talked to each other constantly, but the way they look at the world is different, the Gabriela’s mother is more interested in having Gabriela worry about the school, and the Señorita Laura think about the fortune and miracles. Gabriela enjoys the stories of the Señorita Laura and after school she goes to her house to hear the stories. Also Gabriela has a maid named Saturnina who stays with her at night until she fells asleep because Gabriela can’t sleep for the Señorita Laura’s stories, and Saturnina believes in the fortune, miracles too.

Señorita Laura read her the fortune too, she use the wax of a candle into a big container of icy water when the water formed different shapes, Señorita Laura read them and tell her the fortune for the next week.

She said that Señorita Laura and the other maids use roots and herbs to perform any king of miracles, but I think they use them to charm someone.

The Sound of Silence.

I understood about the story that Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews, (born Julia Elizabeth Wellson 1 October 1935 in England). An actress of the movie the sound of the music, had lost her voice due to she had a throat surgery to remove no-cancerous polyps from her vocal cords.
She was very famous for her voice, her career depended of it, after a while she returns to promote her first film after eight years. The article says that the last year Andrews has a legal battled with some gossips about her disappearance from the scenes, but she was in a painful therapy to try to recover her voice.
And her lawyers continue busy again now against the hospital in New York with two doctors. The lawyers say that the doctors didn’t warn her of the probably harm to her voice. She was unable to talk about certain things she said that the operation went wrong, my speaking voice has come back and she couldn’t yet sing a song.
In January she was made a dame in recognition for her career and her generous charity work. Although she can’t sing she will continue her career making movies and she is thankful to be alive, she hopes to recover her singing voice someday. And she will continue practicing it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

THE BOOK REPORT: Blackmailed by Diamonds, Bound by Marriage.

By Sarah Morgan.

I recently read an interesting book; the story is about a girl named Angelina Littlewood. She was an archeologist from England who has the Brandizi diamond; an important jewel from Greece, her older sister had the diamond fist because she had stolen the diamond to Nikos Kyriacou, a successful Greek businessman, this jewel is very important for the Nikos`s family by its monetary and sentimental value. But the Angelina’s sister died in Greece carrying the diamond with her. And Nikos tries to recover the diamond that the Angelina’s has because she received the belongings of the sister from Greece discovering the jewel on them.

Angelina blames to Nikos for her sister’s death, and decides to get married with him, to punish him for her sister’s death with the condition to return the jewel. Nikos says yes, to punish her too for her attitude towards him, at the beginning the marriage was terrible because they always had discussions but after they were discovering their feelings, treating better, falling in love when Angelina discovers the truth about her sister, she was a selfish, calculating woman of bad feelings that did a lot of damage to Nikos, Angelina returns the diamond to Nikos and decides to leave of his life. She comes back to her home, but Nikos follows her and he apologized to her. Finally they reconcile and they return to Greece.

I like this story because is romantic and exciting at the same time. I imagine what the characters are doing in the story. It’s fantastic for me. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the romantic stories.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Many people use the Internet every day, for example in the United States about 84 million people have access at home. The increase comes because the computers and the internet services are cheaper these days. And more people are putting their photos, thoughts and video online due to the internet gives them these facilities. Sometimes we think that the internet is a way to transmit information to people, they get information about their interests. You can find whatever you want for example pictures, videos, songs, movies, comics, magazines, news, etc.

I think the internet is useful to do your homework because is easier and faster. But sometimes you must avoid web pages about pornography or chat sites, these pages only disturb your mind. The chat in my opinion is interesting when there are people who know English and help you to improve it , but sometimes there are people very rude and you can’t stand their conversations due to they use forbid vocabulary and that irritates you.

Some people spend too much time on the internet and not enough time reading a book, the internet affects their lives, and they become Internet addicts. It’s bad to them because they don’t do their activities as before, the internet has changed them.

The internet now is the most important thing in our life; it specially helps me in my study as a student, definitely we are benefited by it. Please make sure to use it correctly!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Reading

Well, I think the reading is a good way to learn many things for example improve your English, because when you read learn many expressions, idioms, vocabulary and you can improve your reading skills.

In Mexico not many people like to read than others countries for example United States where the parents encourage their children to read but Mexico is a country where there isn’t the culture of the reading.

In my opinion the reading is important on our lives some of us read for pleasure, other ones read for develop their abilities and the reading can improve your imagination, when you read for example a novel you image what the characters are doing , image the conflict and the final of the story.

Try to look for book that you are interested, if you aren’t motivated you won’t finish it because you have lost interest in that book. Remember you want to convince yourself that reading in English can be fun.

The reading can be used to improve your pronunciation and speed in English, if you read aloud every night in a few days you’ll see the difference when read something in English.

For that reason I’m going to start reading right now!!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My superstitions

Well, sincerely I don’t believe in superstitions but where I live the people do. I live in a rural area where everything is credible for the people. For example the people believe if you see an owl at night a person in your family will die; other is when you have a black hen this animal will bring you bad luck for many years. The people carry good luck charms to avoid these superstitions for example they put garlic with sabila behind the front door. And when the witches appear you must put a scissors under your pillow in form of cross and the witches don’t enter in your house.

If a witch appears above your house you have to pray twelve times to the right and to the other way round if you want to turn the witch in a normal person.

Another one when the hens sing after midnight a person died. And the dogs bark occurs the same is how they cry the death of a person.

If a wolf crosses in your path, you might happen an accident; you need to make a cross with saliva to avoid this superstition.
I don’t carry any good luck charms because I don’t believe them.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

My hobbies

I have several hobbies for example: I like reading romantic novels because when you are reading you can imagine the characters and the plot of the story. It is interesting because some novels have many words of others languages Italian, English, Greek, Danish, etc.

Other hobby is to chat on the internet, I think is good due to you can make new friends and know about their culture and customs. I have many friends on the chat they always tell me new things that I have never heard and sometimes they send me their photos.

I like to watch TV too. I try to moderate but when there are many TV programs that I’m interested. I don’t respect this rule, although my mother scolds me.

I would like to travel to others countries when a friend of the chat tells me about his country I feel exciting. I don’t mind spending many time reading or watching TV but the most important duty that I’ve never forgotten is studying.

Listening to music is another hobby that everybody has; don’t you feel good when you listen to music after an exam? In my case, yes. You feel relaxing when you were stressed.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Exam`s day.

Today was a stressful day because we had the English`s exam. For me the exam was ok but for others it was difficult. I saw some of my classmates studying at that moment, because the teacher cabrales gave us 10 minutes to review the book. in the exam I was concentrated and doing the exercises carefully. The teacher cabrales told us that we didn't want for our teacher, but I think he is a good teacher but he needs to do the class interesting because a good teacher tries to make that his students participate in class , searching methods to realize it.
AND THIS DAY all faculty was empty because today was holyday. we always are the " ñoños" of the all careers. we always go to the school in holidays due to the teachers say us that they are going to go that day although it is holiday.
now Iam writing in the blog , trying to do the blog the twice that the teacher wants, although this isn`t a habit for me because I`m not good at writing my life style but I'm trying to practice my English.