Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sound of Silence.

I understood about the story that Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews, (born Julia Elizabeth Wellson 1 October 1935 in England). An actress of the movie the sound of the music, had lost her voice due to she had a throat surgery to remove no-cancerous polyps from her vocal cords.
She was very famous for her voice, her career depended of it, after a while she returns to promote her first film after eight years. The article says that the last year Andrews has a legal battled with some gossips about her disappearance from the scenes, but she was in a painful therapy to try to recover her voice.
And her lawyers continue busy again now against the hospital in New York with two doctors. The lawyers say that the doctors didn’t warn her of the probably harm to her voice. She was unable to talk about certain things she said that the operation went wrong, my speaking voice has come back and she couldn’t yet sing a song.
In January she was made a dame in recognition for her career and her generous charity work. Although she can’t sing she will continue her career making movies and she is thankful to be alive, she hopes to recover her singing voice someday. And she will continue practicing it.

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