Thursday, February 21, 2008

THE BOOK REPORT: Blackmailed by Diamonds, Bound by Marriage.

By Sarah Morgan.

I recently read an interesting book; the story is about a girl named Angelina Littlewood. She was an archeologist from England who has the Brandizi diamond; an important jewel from Greece, her older sister had the diamond fist because she had stolen the diamond to Nikos Kyriacou, a successful Greek businessman, this jewel is very important for the Nikos`s family by its monetary and sentimental value. But the Angelina’s sister died in Greece carrying the diamond with her. And Nikos tries to recover the diamond that the Angelina’s has because she received the belongings of the sister from Greece discovering the jewel on them.

Angelina blames to Nikos for her sister’s death, and decides to get married with him, to punish him for her sister’s death with the condition to return the jewel. Nikos says yes, to punish her too for her attitude towards him, at the beginning the marriage was terrible because they always had discussions but after they were discovering their feelings, treating better, falling in love when Angelina discovers the truth about her sister, she was a selfish, calculating woman of bad feelings that did a lot of damage to Nikos, Angelina returns the diamond to Nikos and decides to leave of his life. She comes back to her home, but Nikos follows her and he apologized to her. Finally they reconcile and they return to Greece.

I like this story because is romantic and exciting at the same time. I imagine what the characters are doing in the story. It’s fantastic for me. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the romantic stories.

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