Monday, February 11, 2008

My superstitions

Well, sincerely I don’t believe in superstitions but where I live the people do. I live in a rural area where everything is credible for the people. For example the people believe if you see an owl at night a person in your family will die; other is when you have a black hen this animal will bring you bad luck for many years. The people carry good luck charms to avoid these superstitions for example they put garlic with sabila behind the front door. And when the witches appear you must put a scissors under your pillow in form of cross and the witches don’t enter in your house.

If a witch appears above your house you have to pray twelve times to the right and to the other way round if you want to turn the witch in a normal person.

Another one when the hens sing after midnight a person died. And the dogs bark occurs the same is how they cry the death of a person.

If a wolf crosses in your path, you might happen an accident; you need to make a cross with saliva to avoid this superstition.
I don’t carry any good luck charms because I don’t believe them.


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