Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The worst anecdote of my life.

HELLO!! I’m here again with another story about me, now this one is about an anecdote I had 14 years ago, it was many years ago but I remembered it as if it was yesterday.

I would start by telling you that I was with my brother at the supermarket “Supertiendas modelo “was the name of the market. The day began when my mother took us to go shopping with her, after buying all the groceries, we went to the section of the ham and sausages and sometimes they had sausage’s stew , how it was free, my brother and me decided eating something to taste it. Then we did a competition between us to see who ate more, at that moment my mother was asking for the ham while she was busy, we began to eat, I was swallowing the stew too fast and my brother too, suddenly a big piece of sausage stuck in my throat. I was choking and could not breathe, and my face was getting purple. When my mother saw me, she gave the first aid quickly and I could throw the sausage out. I WAS SO SCARY because it was the first time this has happened to me.

And believe me it’s an anecdote I don’t want to remember.

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