Friday, April 11, 2008

Espacio 2008 in Tampico.

I’d like to share some News about Espacio 2008.

What is Espacio 2008?

Let me start by telling you its meaning, it’s a red of youth forums, created by TELEVISA where the young people analyze, interaction with others and discuss many actual topics about national and international.

Espacio has the purpose of giving the opportunities to make the progress in our society which causes individuals who take part of the solutions to resolve the problems in the society.

Let me tell you that Espacio 2008 is going to be here in Tampico, in June 2, begins with many lectures where the best journalists give them and the important companies in Mexico sponsor Espacio. This event is so interesting for those ones who concerns about the future our community and TELEVISA produces it once a year in different parts of the Mexican republic, now it is going to take place in Tampico this year we have the opportunity to go and learn a lot of it.

If you want to go to Espacio you have to enter to its web site and fill all the information, and they will send you an e-mail with your confirmation. Only you can pass one day of the week, but the most important thing about Espacio, is that it's free.

But quickly because the inscriptions are until May 16, 2008 unless you register, you can not enter; besides you have to bring your student card and a gafet that they give you in your e-mail, to go to the lectures.

If you are interested in Espacio 2008 go to its web site:

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