Friday, April 4, 2008

My cats

I’m going to talk an anecdote about my cats. First at all, I don’t agree that the humans abuse and mistreat the animals. But anyway I would start by telling you what these animals did.

My favorite animals are the cats. I have two in my house not here, but in Panuco where my father and my grandma live. I don’t have any cats here because the apartment is too small than my house in Panuco where I spend the weekends. Their names are Chiquito y Chiquita; we put them these names because my father found them, the cats were abandoned in the forest. When my father saw them, they caused him a feeling of sadness to see them there in the middle of the nothing.

Then she decided to take them at home, and feed them. At the beginning my grandma didn’t want them, but after a few days she became fond with them quickly. One night was raining so strong, the cats were outside and began to make noise and my grandmother permitted them to enter in the house. She came back to her bed and around midnight the cats were meowing, and she couldn’t sleep well, she decided to get up, but when she put a foot out of the bed, she saw a big dead snake on the floor named “ cuatro narices” I know that kind of snake is poisonous.

Since them my grandma treats and feeds them well.

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