Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Saint Seiya !!!!!!!!

Hi!! Now I’m going to talk about the manga, but what is manga?

The manga are Japanese comic books, a manga is made into cartoons, or anime and it can be translated into English like “humorous pictures”.

What is the reason that I am talking about it? I LOVE MANGA!!!! That’s the reason.

The manga I like the best is Saint Seiya; the story of this manga is about five knights who fight against the enemies of Athena the Earth’s goddess. Athena and her knights protect the mankind against others gods that intent to destroy the planet by using their powers. The Athena’s knights have many troubles during each stage because they try to defend her and defeat the enemy.

The knights nearly die in each fight because they use their energies trying to eliminate the threat. This manga has around 114 chapters and it was created between 1986 and 1988 in Japan besides it has 12 OVAS, in other words “movies” which were very successful in that country.

Seiya is the main character in the manga, for that reason it uses his name. He is in love with Athena and she too. But the differences between them are huge due to she is a goddess and Seiya is her watchman.

There are some things that I don’t like about this manga, the first one is the violence, during each stage the manga shows us too much violence, blood and the death of other knights, the second one is about the love of Seiya and Athena, it never shows us if their romance come true.

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