Monday, March 10, 2008

The Second Cultural and Academic Event of the B.A in English.

I’m going to talk about the second cultural and academic week of the licenciatura en Idioma Ingles, today Monday, March 10 Th begins with several lectures about different topics. For example, in the afternoon I saw a movie called “Billy Elliot “where there was a boy who wanted to be a great ballet dancer and his father didn’t want that for him because he thought that the dancing was for girls.

Then around 5: 00 pm, I was in another lecture where an American named Shannon Cole explained about Atlanta, capital of the New South. It was interesting because I learnt many thing about that state of the United States for example the history, the culture, customs, the problems of the city like the water, pollution.

And finally we went to the last lecture of the day with the Ing. Jose Luis Gonzalez de la Fuente, he is the Atimac`s president, the topic of his lecture was “Herramientas de la Traduccion” in which he talked about the competitivity of the translation, and the steps that a translator needs to follow in order to make a good work.

For me, it was the most interesting day because I learnt many things that I didn’t know.

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