Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Poverty

I’m going to talk about the poverty and hunger in the World; about 25,000 people die every day of hunger according to the United Nations. Unfortunately, the children die most often.

The population of our country is 70% poor and 80% live in the extreme poverty; some ones could be guilty for this situation, the government, international companies, unemployment, but the true is that no one is responsible while we, the people suffer the consequences.

The poverty is the condition where people lack something for example: resources and opportunities to satisfy their human necessities, the poor people can’t feed neither get dress although they don’t have medical assistance and jobs where they can get the money for their families.

We can fight against the poverty, if we do actions to help them like social programs or projects to benefit them, the situation can change, but in the real life the people who have this duty don’t worry to disappear with it.

If they have the chance to attend at school; they can survive because the education will help them to escape from hunger and poverty.

There are many organizations that helping to end the poverty , and these ones are comprise with many men and women who work long hours in the fight against the poverty like: action against hunger, ADRA international, Africare, American Jewish world service, American Red Cross, Americares, Australian Overseas Aid Program (AUSAID) and many others.

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