Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My future goals

Everybody has future goals due to they want to achieve or realize something in their lives.
If you don’t have goals, you don’t be anything in the life, you’ll be a loser.

My future goals are:

 I hope to finish the career because if you don’t have a career how you’ll defend and nowadays is difficult to get a good job.

 I want to travel too thus I can learn new things about others cultures and customs, meet new people.

 In the future I plan to work in a school because I like working with kids although I ‘m in the elective subject of translation, I really want to work as English teacher.

 I’d like studying another career like engineering; I’m good at repairing computers.

 Another goal that I have is to go to United States in order to improve my English.

 Maybe in five years, I hope to find a special person who I have a lot in common with.

 I’d like to find a person who has a good sense of humor and with blue eyes.

My dream is to have a scholarship to study in other country, In England; I’ve always wanted to go to England. I wish I had money to pay me the trip and I’ll visit the architecture buildings and towns, it is my favorite place in the whole planet.

If you pursue your dreams everything comes true.

For that reason dare to dream!!!!!!

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