Friday, March 7, 2008


I’m here again, now I’m going to talk about the extinction of animals. The animal world is enormous and we don’t know how many species of animals there are. Around 1.5 millions of these have been named and described by the scientists.

Many of them live in various areas where is impossible to arrive and some animals are unknown for the scientists. Due to the increase in the human population and the Industrial Revolution, many animals have disappeared. The extinction is caused when the human destroys or interrupts their ecosystem.

Approximately, one in four vertebrate species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds are in serious trouble because the humans have used their habitat, causing the overpopulation, deforestation and desertification of the ground.

If we want to avoid the extinction of the animals, we have to think and take better care of them because we need them to live. In fact there are many organizations that fight against the extinction. For example: Greenpeace is an independent organization which is concerned about the future of the planet.

Here there is a list of the animals in danger.

Polar Bears, Elephants, koalas, Hippopotamus, Pandas, Orcas, Tigers, panthers, Angel Shark, Pink Pigeon, White Tailed Eagle, and others more.

For that reason take care of the animals….. Don’t permit their extinction.

Learn about them and remember that the Extinction is for Ever!

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