Saturday, January 26, 2008

Feel comfortable

I think fashion is about you doing your own thing with your clothes. It builds creativity, that's why I don't like uniforms because everyone looks the same!
I've never been one to go with trends or fads or whatever. I wear what I'm comfortable in and what I like and I don’t mind what anybody thinks. I've never been one to try to impress or keep up with anyone. Regardless of how I'm dressed I'm just as good as anybody. And so is everybody else.
Fashion is expressing the real you by the way you want it to be expressed. Every one is unique and let me tell you it's a challenge to be really fashionable. Once it is accepted by majority it becomes a trend and then a tradition. I think Fashion is the first evidence of creativity but the most important is to feel comfortable.
I love to feel comfortable with my clothes and very funny used properly although you aren’t with the fashion.
Feel comfortable that´s all that matters.

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